Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Problems losing comments?

I'm wondering if other people are having trouble posting comments to this blog or other blogs? A few people have said their comments keep disappearing, or notifying emails bounce back. Is this a Blogger thing, or is it my ISP? A test post would be appreciated - you don't even have to be witty.

If you can't upload a comment, my email is vforbes at netspace dot net dot au


Lee-ann said...

Val has it been this long since I visited your great blog! my gosh I had to go back and read one after another until I was back on track.

my hubby and I just bought our first kettle also! what a hoot both of us doing that.

Thank you for the mention in your christmas in july post I am sure your christmas decs will be fine for another four months then they should go back up or in your case stay there ready for christmas all over again, lol lol lol

Have you been to Caslemaine lately it is O! SO! COLD! here at the moment.

will get back to your blog again soon.
best wishes to you!

John Cowart said...

Hi Val,
Looks like I'm not having a problem with my blogger comment getting to you.

I get few comments on my site. It's not bloggers fault. It's because nobody loves me.

Sue said...

Hi Val,
I think I've been getting through OK since we have e-mailed a bit also!
Blogger was done in the late afternoon Pacific Time on Tuesday 7.11.06.
There is a site ( Which will tell you of upcoming down times...)

Silvia said...

I had some problems the other day. My posts kept dissapearing and not just I gave up in the end!!!!! Hopefully this will work

Alice said...

Always glad to take the opportunity to comments on Val's blog, even if it is only by invitation for a test.

Val said...

Hmmm, I wonder if the people who have been having trouble just happened to hit the time when Blogger was down for some maintenance. When I came across that the other day, I just waited for an hour and then was able to comment fine.

Lee-Ann, I read about it being -3ยบ in Castlemaine recently! We're supposed to drive up in 10 days' time, hope it's a bit warmer then as we'll be staying on our block of land in our shed. Brrrr.

Awwww, poor John, how about everybody going over to John's blog for some thought-provoking and interesting posts. And leave a comment or two!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Testing, testing 1 2 problem here.

I have had trouble posting comments on other blogs during certain times and especially on Mondays. Go figure. I thought maybe it was because so many people were logging on after the weekend.

I've never had any trouble here...except passing the big test: the word verification.

Kerri said...

It was wierd that I got the undeliverable mail messages Val, because obviously you got the comments just fine in your mail box and they showed up here. I haven't had any trouble since. Might've been your server having a quirky moment or two.

DellaB said...

"I've never had any trouble here...except passing the big test: the word verification."

I am SO glad I am not the only one that sometimes needs more than one go at this ::smiles::

One thing I do know - the time difference between here in Australia and Bloggers location makes a big difference. When I try to work in the middle of the night I can NEVER publish quickly, I figure it's because it's the daytime over there and the lines are busy?

I am off to visit John - to heck with my tax!

Val said...

Hmm, I hadn't thought of the time difference being the issue, but that would make sense, with more people using it making a bottleneck.

Tax?! Amazing how fast THAT time rolls around every year!

Peter said...

Hi Val, I have found that an onset of senior moments sometimes overtakes me after word verification, (btw, I use the little blue wheelchair icon which gives you audible numbers, a bit strange but better than the wierd leyyers) phew, back on track, after verification I find I sometimes hit the X at RH Top instead of the publish button!! go figure.