Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My blogspace

I've loved reading about and seeing photos of my blogger friends' blogspaces, so of course I have to retaliate.
Here is my computer desk, bought years ago and absolutely junky. The "veneer" started peeling off as soon as we got it home. Nevertheless, it does the trick. My wallpaper is of the Japanese Gardens at San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. That came from a digital postcard of SF that my dad sent me. He also gave me the slim monitor and Logitech mouse - Dad's a bit of a computer freak as mentioned in a previous post.
There's the obligatory printer, soon to be augmented by scanner-printer-fax-copier thingie, and you might also notice what looks like two CPUs. Yes, the horizontal one is my old one (have techie son's cast off as current one), and still haven't got around to disposing of old one. Mind you, it still works, stable Windows 95 installed, Microsoft Works which is really all the home user needs for word processing, etc. But I digress.
To the right is my bulletin board with current Carlton Blues calendar. You might notice some post it notes scattered on it. That's to cover up the player and his name, the one who defected to another team at the end of last year. Grrr. To the far right is my desk, an ancient discard from my husband's work. It too still works.

This photo was taken a few months ago. It's in the afternoon, when I get the afternoon sun. Good for sitting with my cup of tea, reading or dozing, or for more agro times, checking the credit card statement. Agro not because of what's spent, but because the man who cooks forgets to give me the slips (invariably from Bunnings - mega hardware store for you non-Aussies). Not content with that, he will then find it weeks later scrunched up and put it in the credit card slip envelope - stored in the wicker basket to the right - so that I again waste time sorting it out. Grrrr.

This is looking from the doorway. My window, which is the entire wall, looks out onto the courtyard with pond that has featured in previous posts. The kimono is one that my mother-in-law bought many years ago and she was so happy that I love such things. It hangs in front of a shojii paper blind - a perfect match!

The sliding doors hide a wardrobe and built in drawers. On the other side of that wall is the mirror image of my study which my husband has as his study. This house was built for a big family and these were originally small bedrooms but very effective use of space. Recently we found out from the original owner that these two rooms were designed so that eventually they could be made into one if we wanted to.

To see what other blogspaces look like (no fair making comparisons) see:


Have I left anyone out??


Kerri said...

Val, It's nice to see where you sit and write to your blogger friends. I like this idea. We get to see a little of each other's 'personalities'. Looks like a nice space for sharing your thoughts. I like that slim monitor. Pardon my ignorance, but what do the carlton Blues play? Soccer? Rugby? Do your boys play sports or just watch?

Val said...


when the AFL (Australian Football League) season gets closer to the first game, I plan to write about why my blog address is carltonrules, and something about my life as a football fan. In short, the Carlton Football Club plays Aussie Rules football (although the last few years not very well - huge understatement!). Unfortunately my sons never went in for much in the way of sports, although the 19-year-old started watching cricket the last few years and recently has drawn me into watching it with him! The things you can catch from your kids...!

Tanya said...

Love seeing your space. The redundant CPU made me think of my printer - which works fine, but ran out of the original ink about six months ago. And I NEVER remember to replace it. I'm now at a point where, if I need to print something, I email it to myself at work and print it there (is that bad???). One day I'll buy ink.

Also noticed your cool calendar of giraffes in the background. If anyone needed any more convincing that they're your favourites, there it is :)

Val said...

Tanya said: Also noticed your cool calendar of giraffes in the background

Val says: "Well spotted!" (groan)