Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My funny Valentine

I am so lucky to have met my soulmate, he can still make me laugh, which is why he is my funny Valentine. We have so much in common, especially food and eating. Speaking of which, we are going out tonight to a local restaurant that we've always wanted to try, so will finish this post later...

Ok, back now (10.30). The restaurant specialises in the most incredible steaks, which are arrayed in an impressive display case. Also impressive is the fact that the chef cooks all the steaks and sausages right there for everyone to see, but a very powerful exhaust system let not one bit of smoke escape into the dining area. Didn't seem to make any noise either, but then it was a full house and conversation level was pretty high. Everyone seemed to be happy campers. The steaks were cooked perfectly, soft as butter. We couldn't decide on which cut to go for so we got a mixed grill. No fear of going home hungry, and VEGETARIANS NEED NOT APPLY! As if that weren't enough, we both had dessert: walnut crepes with cream or ice cream. Burp.

No, we didn't get home by 6.46, that's when I posted the first bit, just added to it later. Melbourne people DO go out of an evening!


Jude said...

And home in time to post this by 6:46!

Sharon said...

Sounds pretty good to me... Where abouts in Melbounre - or is that a closely guarded secret????

Val said...

Jude, well spotted! I had written the paragraph just before we left for the restaurant, then added to it about 10.30.

Sharon, I forgot that I do have Victorian readers. The restaurant is Stefan's Charcoal Grill in Whitehorse Road, Balwyn.

Kerri said...

I can't believe you ate the whole thing!!!! :) (remember that ad?)
The dinner sounds fabulous.
What a nice Valentine outing and lovely that your funny Valentine can still make you laugh. Mine can too and I'm so thankful for him. Laughter keeps us healthy.