Monday, February 20, 2006

Those boots gone walkin'

I could walk this kind of track non stop.
We went to Bendigo (largish country town in Central Victoria) for the weekend. Had to wear my newly refurbished boots on a walk in the forest south of Bendigo. Being in the gold rush country, we wound up of course in landscapes full of mineshafts and mullock heaps.

Off the track up the hill I saw lots of evidence of mining, and there was a red mark painted on one of the trees which I took as a warning. No falling
into mineshafts for me, thank you. But sometimes we do venture closer to the edge and try to peer in. To judge how deep the shaft goes we throw stones up in the air so they drop into the centre of the hole and listen to see how long they keep bouncing down.


Kerri said...

Wow, bendigo. What fun! Brings back memories of social studies at school - learning all about the gold mining days.
I'm so glad you didn't fall into a mine shaft!

Jude said...

My husband grew up in Bandigo and Ballarat in the forties. He and his friends used to peer down the mine shafts and play on the mullock heaps - mostly in bare feet he recalls. No fancy walking boots in those days. No sneakers either. Only a pair of sandshoes that had to be saved for tennis.

Val said...

Sandshoes. I think the U.S. equivalent in the 50s was Keds. No traction whatsoever, but it was always fun to get a new pair.