Monday, February 06, 2006

Off to the country - cool at last

Me at the start of our bushwalk.

This post was supposed to go up on Saturday morning before we left home, but Blogger was having one of its down times. However, now I can post, update and put in photos all in one:

Saturday a.m.
We haven't been out to the country since New Year's Day. Missed out on the annual Fryerstown Antique Fair because of the heat. But now that it's cooled down a bit we are off. The boys love having the house to themselves, but I always leave a list of chores for them to get through before we get back. Mom's a meanie!

Will catch up with Blogworld when we get back on Monday.

Monday p.m.
Got back from the country in time for lunch. Chores had NOT been done ("didn't expect you back so early!!"), and Mom is in a filthy mood.

Still, the weekend was fantastic, the weather was absolutely superb, and we had lots of time to read and go for a bushwalk. As per usual, the maps and signage were pathetic, and after I post this I'm going to fire off an email to the local ranger. Someone could have got into serious trouble, getting lost and without water on even a moderately warm day. We are used to this however, so turned back and retraced our steps. That's always a bit of defeat though...

Remains of afternoon tea, now for a good read.

Reading or gawking at scenery?

From our campsite, towards the setting sun. If you enlarge this photo you can see our shower enclosure and, ahem, other amenity further to the right. Taking a shower using a solar bag, and warmed by the afternoon sun is one of the real pleasures in life.

More photos in the gallery.


Alice said...

Oh, what a joyous posting. Beware, I am going to send you an email with lots of questions.

Tanya said...

Wow, that's amazing about the lack of signage. Here, in Queensland, they are just the opposite. At the Town Common yesterday there were a couple of walking tracks going in different directions. The sign at the carpark said, "Sandy Bay 4.5km. TAKE WATER. Bird hide 400m. TAKE WATER." And I was thinking that demanding a person take water when they're only walking 800m (round trip) was a bit extreme! Up here, if there is the most remote possibility that something will go wrong, there will be a sign warning people about it, just so Parks and Wildlife covers their backsides. Which is good for us visitors...

Jude said...

Is this on your famous bush block near Castlemaine?

Sonia said...

Hi Val, sounds you had a great time. Love all the photos from the gallery. You look so pretty and young at the photo "Me at the start of our bushwalk."! And I love also your bag in the photo "Good place for afternoon tea".

Last but not least, thank you so much for your enthusiastic comment on my blog.

Val said...

Lovely view in the "reading or gawking scenery"! When I put a photo like that up on my blog, I omitted the book ('twould have shown too much of my exposed legs!)

Val said...

Hello all!
yes, this is the famous bush block near Castlemaine. Have owned it for 22 years now - it is a great source of peace and regeneration.