Sunday, April 02, 2006

Carlton's first game of 2006 tonight

Yes, I will be there, I would have to be pretty sick to miss a game if it's being played in Melbourne. Have missed maybe 3 games in the last 7 years, which have included the club's worst years. But there is always hope. It is such an unpredictable game that the most amazing upsets have occurred to surprise everyone. This is what Carlton needs to hope for this year.

I will be meeting up with my young friend Phine, who barracks for tonight's opposing team (Melbourne Demons). We can't sit together at games when our teams play each other because we each have reserved seats at home games, so we'll meet after the game for a meal at Mecca Bah. Our different football allegiances, nor our differences in age, have any bearing on our friendship. That's special.

This is a photo taken of us in 2004 for an article we wrote about our friendship for the library's staff newsletter. I have taken the liberty of embellishing it.

Dreams DO come true! Carlton won the game!


Sue said...

Looks like a happy rivalry! Thanks for sharing your photo!

Alice said...

Doesn't the BN or MWC go to the football? Is he not a Blues supporter too? Or does he support another GOOD team, say like the Western Bulldogs (whom I no long really follow, but I did for many years beginning with their Premiership in 1954)?

Val said...

Yes, the BN (Bread Nazi, to those of you new to this blog or MWC = Man who cooks) does go to the footy, but he's not as fanatical as I am, and usually goes to just Carlton's home games.

I greatly admire the Bulldogs, not least for the fact that one of them, Luke Darcy, is the most handsome man in AFL football. A pity about his second year of injury in a row!

Stuart said...

1 down - 21 to go. I can almost smell a flag!! What a great win hey Val.

Good for Kouta to have a great 250th as well. I'm sure the stadium was electric.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Congratulations Val and what a wonderful start to the MIGHTY NAVY BLUE who chased down every ball !!

Best wishes

Kerri said...

Yah Carlton! They rule!! Nice post about what sounds like a great (fun) friendship Val. love the photo and the embellishment :) Great job!

jellyhead said...

yay for Carlton! And I tipped them in the tipping comp which Fatty dragged me into, so I'm happy, too!

Val said...

Yep, it's been a great feeling the last couple of days. And the friendship is of course still intact.

But you people who tipped Carlton to win...?!?!