Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Nothing wrong with a bit of biffo

OK, I'll have to admit that one of the things I like about the Australian Rules football code is that it is a contact sport, and players can show a bit of mongrel. You'll never get me interested in the yawnfest that is the round ball code.


Alice said...

So which player(s) do you want to make contact with? Hmmmm, I could just imagine you at a wrestling or boxing match.....and I thought you were such a sweet little gal. Tut, tut.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Well said Alice .....ha ha haa
but how about the game they play in heaven ? Rugby Union !!
Best wishes

jellyhead said...

Val, you yobbo, you!

Personally, I get the most out of looking at the players' muscly arms in their sleeveless shirts. :)

Val said...

Oh, yes, the muscles are beautiful, especially the oiled arms! Too bad the small shorts have gone out of fashion, that was another bit of eye candy.

I did so enjoy that wrestling they used to have on, not the real wrestling, but where they would dress up in all those outrageous costumes and have these fake rivalries going on. What fun!

Librarian stereotypes well and truly put to rest now?

Val said...

Re librarian sterotypes - our library got taken to task for fowarding around an email containing a powerpoint presentation of the French rugby team. Very artistic it was - black and white photography so it must have been art. Needless to say there are very few males in the office concerned. Ahem. Made in heaven, agreed Lindsay.

Kerri said...

Definitely the aggressive character trait showing up in that pic. Ah Val, you are such a sweet and demure little librarian :) I don't know much about footy, but I've heard about Aussie Rules :)