Sunday, April 09, 2006

Saturday morning in Castlemaine

We usually aren't in Castlemaine on Saturday morning, so after going to the local fruit and vegie market (Bread Nazi very happy as a baker was selling loaves of sourdough bread there), we went our separate ways for a while: Bread Nazi stocked up on apples from our favorite apple grower in Harcourt before checking out the Hot Rod Show (Castlemaine is apparently the Hot Rod Capital of Australia). I checked into the local library for some peace and quiet, writing in my diary, and making notes from a new scrapbooking book that was on display. This was scrapbooking using your computer, which is right up my alley. One of my plans for this year is to start getting all our photos and other memorabilia in order. The scrapbooking phenomenon has really started to take off here. I just wish I weren't so inept when it comes to arts and crafts. Maybe by using a computer I can bypass that scissors and glue stuff a bit. Any readers into scrapbooking, computer or otherwise?

The weather was pretty chilly, but when we arrived about 5 p.m. Friday evening we went for a walk over the hills through a forested area, and that got us warmed up. Built a fire and ate our dinner next to it. We have always enjoyed eating outdoors in all seasons. I forgot my camera this weekend, so no photos of us sitting at our card table, lit by candle and firelight. But I think you get the idea.

Despite my last post indicating that I would want water and power at any place we lived in the country, for weekends and holidays we are quite happy to rely on the basics for lighting and keeping warm, and tank water from the sheds' roofs for drinking water and for our solar shower (!), and an overflow tank for dousing the fire and watering some trees and the ornamental grapevine.

Today we are back in Melbourne, and will be going to Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. I've never been to it before, so am really looking forward to it.


jellyhead said...

I have a mental image of you and Bread Nazi(!), eating dinner in the countryside by all sounds very relaxing. As I haven't ever seen a photo of him, Bread Nazi appears as a vague, loaf-shaped figure.

I'm with you on the arts and craft scene - though I don't know that I'm especially inept, just uninterested. I'd really rather read a good book, or go for a long walk!

I bet the flower and garden show was spectacular. I'd love to see some photos, if you took some.

:) Jelly

Alice said...

Glad you enjoyed Castlemaine despite the chill in the air.

I guess you've looked at the highlights, etc. for the past two years on the Flower and Garden Show site? I've not been to the show, nor to any show of its kind, for that matter, but what I've seen of them on TV and magazines, I've a sneaking feeling they are just not my cup of tea at all.

Sue said...

We're looking forward to some nicer weather so that we can do some camping.
Your weekend sounds lovely.
I, too, am somewhat craft challenged, but my husband is crafty and talented enough for both of us I guess :-)

Kerri said...

Glad you had a nice relaxing time away. I've looked at scrapbooking too and think it sounds (and looks) like an interesting thing to do, but somehow I haven't found time to try it. I love making things with the computer though... Like cards, using some of my garden photos. It's a nice way to share my flowers with friends.
That walk through the hills sounds invigorating. Lovely! Do you pitch a tent to sleep in?

Val said...

Craft challenged - yes, Sue, that's a good way to describe me too. I'm going to be doing a weekend course in oriental bookbinding in a couple of weeks - we'll see what a mess I can create there.

Kerri, what program do you use to make cards? I used to have an old Printmaster CD but don't know if it would work with Windows XP.

We haven't pitched our tent in a while - it's too convenient (and comfortable!) to just unlock the shed door and pull down the folding bed from the wall. There's
a photo
in my photogallery of our "sleeping shed".

Ulf Backstrom said...

Nine are running a Garden Show special on Easter Sunday!