Saturday, April 15, 2006

Four things meme (tagged by Susie's Space)

I was tagged by Susie for this meme:

4 Jobs I've had in My Life

1. Insurance Office Clerk in San Francisco (me too, Susie!)
2. Dishwasher in a restaurant in Hamburg, Germany

3. German teacher in a high school (U.S. & Australia)

4. Librarian at the Goethe Institute, Melbourne (German Cultural Center)

4 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over

1. Mon Oncle (Jacques Tati)
2. Monsieur Hulot's Holiday (Jacques Tati)

3. Blade Runner

4. Arnie movies (action packed and most are hilarious too)

4 Websites I Visit Regularly

1. (Carlton Football Club)
2. library catalogues (I'm addicted!)

3. Google, especially its image search
4. various blogs

4 Favorite Foods

1. orzo (also called rissoni - rice-shaped pasta), with any sauce or just buttered
2. roast duck
3. any desserts or cookies made with almonds, almond essence, amaretto, marzipan
4. chicken prepared in any way - I have SO many recipes for chicken, and keep collecting more

4 Places I Would Rather Be Right Now

1. Dunk Island, Queensland
2. Japanese garden in or near Kyoto, with few other visitors around
3. Japanese garden in Cowra, New South Wales (it's a beauty!)

4. in a cosy bed and breakfast in Castlemaine, just for a treat

4 Books I Could Read Over and Over

1. Tree of Man (Patrick White)
2. A Japanese Touch for your Home / for your Garden (both have excellent ideas!)
3. an atlas of Victoria, Australia
4. in my younger days, anything by Hermann Hesse

4 Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over

1. I left my heart in San Francisco
2. Midnight Rambler (Rolling Stones)

3. Prelude to a Kiss (Duke Ellington)
4. Carlton Football Club song

4 Reasons Why I Blog

1. I've "met" people with similar interests, from far and near
2. It allows me to express myself

3. It's a fun way to journal, and I don't have to worry about my worsening handwriting
4. I love the challenge of using the various features of (while wondering why they provide this great service for free!)

I will tag the Other Val in Dorset England, and Stu in Western Australia, who will appreciate and maybe steal some of my answers (he is also a Carlton supporter). These two are good examples of what I meant by my first answer to why I blog.


Stuart said...

Hey Val. Great meme. I usually make Sunday's a blog free day (I even restrain myself from looking at the stats - tough as it is not to). However, first thing Monday morning I shall respond and tag someone else.

Thanks for the tag and I'm hoping the Blues will bury the Swans.

Val said...

Thanks, Val. I will enjoy doing this too. I have the girls and their partners visiting for the Easter weekend, so I (like Stu) will save this till later.

Sue said...

Thanks for doing this! I enjoyed reading your answers and getting to know you better. (and that is funny about the insurance clerk job) I worked for Metropolitan Life in 1966!

Kerri said...

I'd love to go to Dunk Island!
I thought you gave your heart to the Bread Nazi and he took it with him to Australia! Now you say you left it in San Francisco?

Sonia said...

Love to know more about you!
Thanks for sharing this meme.
In my younger days, I like anything by Hermann Hesse, too!

Kali said...

thanks for directing me to this meme Val..I've enjoyed it.

Now I know a tiny bit more about you...I love orzo too & chicken and almond flavoured deserts...haven't had roast duck ever...hmmm, it sounds delish though.

Japan...there is a place and culture that definitely fascinates me.