Friday, April 07, 2006

Heading up the Calder Highway

We're heading out to the Castlemaine area this afternoon, to get some fresh country air, see if there's any water in the dam (fat chance!), and for a change we'll be there on Saturday morning. We can go to the local vegetable market then (lots of other stuff too) and might even make it to the library before it closes. No, I just can't keep away from libraries. The Castlemaine Library is in a 19th century Mechanics Institute building, and is always a pleasure to visit. There's a link to it on my Libraries I Love web page (link in the left column).

Castlemaine is our spiritual home and one day we may even live there. My goal: small unit with own small garden, level walk to shops and library. The Bread Nazi however would like to have a garden on our 10 acres, land already ravaged by goldminers, and then cattle grazing. To show how bad the soil is, it could only feed 4 head of cattle. And of course no water, no power. Nup, not for me at the age we'll be if and when we decide to move to the country.


Alice said...

Carlton must be playing away this weekend, right? I hope you have a great weekend - cool weather, autumn leaves, a GOOD BAKERY, and whatever else takes your fancy.

Kerri said...

Sounds wonderful. Have fun! So what do librarians do when they go to 'another' library?
Do you mean you own 10 acres in castlemaine? It's too bad there's no water.
Hope you have a lovely relaxing time and get some great weather. We had a wintery week here. It's supposed to be more springy next week. Yah!

Sue said...

Enjoy your weekend getaway! Sounds like a great place. I am set enough in my ways to also want water and power. Even our trailer has all of the modern conveniences!

jellyhead said...

Hope you had fun on your country escape!

Val said...

Alice, very astute of you: yes, this weekend the Blues played in Fremantle, which is why we could get away to the country. Our schedules during winter are very much determined by the footy fixture.

Heh heh, spot on again, Alice: the Bread Nazi was over the moon when he discovered that a baker from another town was selling sourdough bread at the local Saturday morning market.

Kerri, I don't know about other librarians, but I'm a library addict. I've got a number of library memberships: local library, State library, Castlemaine library and of course the university library. On Saturday morning while the Bread Nazi was looking in on the Hot Rod Show, I spent a blissful 90 minutes sitting in the quiet, writing in my diary and writing down ideas from a new scrapbooking book that was on display.

Sue, I don't mind the lack of power and water (although we have tank water which is enough for even having solar showers) on the weekends and holidays, but not on a permanent basis, especially when we're even older than we are now!