Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Kyneton Air Show

Typical air show audience - and we were so lucky with the weather.

One of these days I'll go for a ride in a Tiger Moth!

Tractor pull - does this type of competition exist anywhere in the world outside country Australia?? The tank is full of water, and tractors compete to see how far they can drag it on a dirt track.

The man who cooks loves old cars, so there was something there for him as well.

A beautiful Mustang - Techie Son would have loved this. But no: going to the country is not cool - no computers or TV.


Kerri said...

We went to an airshow with our son and oldest grandson last June. It was my first! The temps were in the 90's (C32ยบ+) so we sweltered, but I really enjoyed the show. Didn't think I would! We saw The Blue Angels, a US Navy flight team. Really amazing! So loud!! I loved it! How surprising! :) I'm not sure I'm remembering the name of the team correctly, but I think that's it. I can't imagine flying like that! No, I wouldn't want to try it!
We have tractor pulls over here....of course!!

Val said...

I am really surprised to hear that there are tractor pulls outside Australia. I wonder who first thought up such a crazy idea.

Val said...

Errr dont think we have tractor pulls over here. (just checked with a Young Farmer, and No) We have ploughing matches, but no tractor pulls. You've just reminded me to sign us up for a hedge laying day workshop next November, that Ive had my eye on for a while.

Sue said...

Kerri's right, they are the Blue Angels.
We live near a large AF base and there are often shows. My dad is a "Ford Man" from way back. He worked as a mechanic for the Ford dealership when they were brand new and knows them inside out. He used to be quite in demand for rebuilding their engines. (He's 77 now)

Sonia said...

Sounds you had a great time. My husband love old cars and he has a Ford 1929. Some times ago he had a beautiful Ford 1949 and a Mustang, too.

Val said...

We had an old Ford from the forties. Dad always made us sit on the "running board" when we had something to eat, never inside the car. Running boards were useful at times, built in seats!

I wonder of the Other Val has registered for her hedge laying workshop yet. And I thought tractor pulls were strange!

Val said...

My dad liked to tinker with cars, and at 81 he’s only just recently decided not to tinker with his 1965 VW anymore. But when my parents were in their 20s, he liked to “soup up” or “hot up” his car, which was a Mercury, and he had a nice racy paint job on it too. It also had a “rake”, meaning it was tilted up at the front (that was in the 50s – in the 60s the rake went the other way). That was our only car, so Mom would have to use it for doing the shopping and stuff. Sometimes she’d come out of the supermarket, with a trolley of food and two kids in tow, very suburban-mom situation, and the car would be surrounded by teenage boys, admiring the car. I think they were always a bit surprised and disappointed when Mom would show up, who obviously was not the person who did the work on the car!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

We have tractor pulls here too. Who invented them you ask? Men of course.

I got to take a ride in an old
cessna airplane and almost knocked my head silly against the side window when we hit air turbulance. The scariest part of the flight was the pilot...he was 90 years old.

About 3 weeks ago, I was in Atlanta, Georgia and watched very low flying jets breaking the sound barrier and practicing formations. I wondered at the time if they were the famous Blue Angels.