Sunday, April 16, 2006

Typical Saturday afternoon during the footy season

If Carlton isn't playing a Saturday afternoon game, I can be found in my ironing nook, listening to Rex Hunt's footy commentary - doesn't matter what game it is, which team is playing. I love listening to this guy's hilarious description of what is happening on the field. He has his own names for all the players in the competition, so to follow his commentary you have to have a good idea of who everyone is, and what they look like (e.g. any bald/shaved headed players are apt to be called "The Cranium" or lately it's "The Brazilian"), and these names will be used and embellished throughout the season. Rex is one of the game's great characters, and listening to him makes a week's ironing go by in a flash. Here I am, ironing the last of a dozen shirts, preceded by tablecloths and napkins etc.


Kerri said...

You're not addicted to footy, oh no!
I used to iron everything! Now I rarely iron anything! Not much of anything needs it these days, thank heavens.
Happy Easter Val!

Alice said...

Just so long as it's not fish that come swimming out of those headphones .... does Rex still do the fishing program on TV?

So, do you recall listening to the football when Rex actually played? I can't remember who he played for - was it Richmond?

I've learned to give T-shirts/polo shirts a miss with the iron now and just hang them as soon as I bring them off the line. Most other things I still iron, although there's not so many of them these days since we're home most of the time. Another joy of retirement.

Sue said...

Ironing? I try to avoid that whenever possible. It takes me about a month to get 5 things together to iron!
Love the headphones for distraction while doing the ironing, though!!

Lindsay Lobe said...

I don’t mind Rex on the Fishing programme on Foxtel,if you have it Alice.

He's certainly a chartecter Val and I occasionally pick up his commentary on the air waves. Go the Blues, plenty of time left!! .

Val said...

Rex played for Richmond, and I think also for St. Kilda, but I hadn't got interested in footy yet in those days, so just know of him as the madman commentator.

I used to NOT buy things depending on if they needed to be ironed or not, but I've relaxed that rule of thumb. Unfortunately if you want to wear natural fibers like cotton, it's gotta be ironed. Some people are ironing fanatics though: I knew someone who would iron out the clothespeg marks in her sheets!!