Thursday, April 27, 2006

The sad lone duck

Twice a year we get a visit from migrating ducks, around about now, and again in August. Usually they appear in pairs, but last week this one was on its own. Rather sad, as ducks mate for life. Alice had a similar post about a cockatoo losing its mate recently. I'm hoping that maybe the ducks just landed in different pools in the neighborhood and later caught up with each other again.

It is always a delight to see them in the pool, and their arrival is quite dramatic too, if you happen to be watching: our garden is surrounded by tall trees, and the ducks zoom in, descending sharply in tandem and at great speed, just clearing the roof line (lucky we have a flat roof!) and straight into the pool. The sound of them landing in the water is distinctive, so if we haven't seen them land, the sound alerts us to their presence. They can sometimes stay for an hour.

Years ago our male cat Tintin was surprised by this intrusion into his territory, and spent a good part of an hour stalking them. We were ready to rush out if he got too close, but those ducks really were on top of the situation, it was as if they were teasing that cat. They'd even get out of the pool and wait at the edge until at the last moment they'd jump into the pool and out of Tintin's reach. This happened over and over again that morning. Now he just ignores them, I think that must have been a learning experience for him.


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Well I certainly hope your lone duck finds his long lost mate.

We have a pond and the ducks usually come in pairs and stay for an hour or two and we have had overnight guests at times.

Sonia said...

Amazing! That is a privilege indeed get a visit from migrating ducks.

Thank you Val for your visiting and comment. I don't know if this small bushes is a noxious weed. I will ask to my son, he is agronomist.

Kerri said...

Poor ducky. Hope it finds its mate. Poor kitty being outsmarted by a duck :)
It's lovely seeing the migrators come through, isn't it? We have Canadian geese honking down by the river. I tried to get a photo but they kept taking off before I could get close enough. We see them fly overhead in large groups in their characteristic V-shape. They're amazing.

Wendy A said...

That pool looks good. Do the ducks make a mess of the pool. Pretty neat that they come visit like that.

Meow said...

The ducks are so cute. I am paying my first visit to your blog ... found you on Sonia's (Leaves of Grass), and noticed your reference to Victorian Countryside ... funny, I was thinking the same thing !!!
I noticed in an earlier post, a meme, that you had worked in Germany, and the Goethe Institute. Are you German, or from German parentage ?? Just curious, as I am ... my parents are from Hamburg.
Come over to my blog for a visit, if you have time ... it would be nice to meet again.
Take care, Meow

Peter said...

Hi Val, thanks for stopping by at holtieshouse, call in anytime, visitors are always welcome.
The blog world is amazing, I have only just recently "met" meow your previous commenter too, she has a very nice site so have become regular visitors.

Sue said...

We've had ducks and geese fly overhead, but it's rare that they land near our small pond. Our male cat, Vincent, also tends to ignore the birds MOST of the time. Although, he goes into "bird hunting mode" with that silly little chatter noise when he sees one. He just doesn't follow through!

Lindsay Lobe said...

Where we lived previously we also had the odd Duck land in our pool.
I do think Ducks are a lot smarter than we think ?
I am not surprised your Ducky played mind games with your Cat !!

best wishes